Monday, 30 June 2008

Tom Waits Tribute Night for Comic Relief

News on the next Tom Waits Tribute Night: We are looking to have the night at The 100 Club and donate the profits to Comic Relief, who are very interested in the project. Date is to be confirmed.

Please send your demo to:
Super 8 Design
Daryl Alexander
Creative Media Centre
45 Robertson Street
East Sussex
TN34 1LY

AJP Recommends: Coming up in London

All the acts below have played at previous AJP gigs:
• The Penny Black Remedy, Gypsy Hotel @ Barden's Boudoir, Stoke Newington: July 19th
• Andy Weaver (Solo Chicken Legs Weaver), 12 Bar Club: July 19th
• Thee Intolerable Kidd, Kaparte Promotions, The Tate Britain: Aug 1st
• David Cronenberg's Wife Record Launch & Thomas Truax at The Windmill: Aug 1st
• Andy Weaver (Solo Chicken Legs Weaver) at The Borderline: Aug 5
• Flipron at Underage Festival Victoria Park: Aug 8th
• The Penny Black Remedy at Camden Calling Kentish Town: Aug 8th
• Congregation at End of the Road Festival: Sept 13th

The Perserverance on August 9th

The Alien Jazz Party Presents @ The Perserverance gig on Aug 9: Line up includes Box of Crayons from Brooklyn New York City, Joe Black, Alien Jazz Party, and Steve White.