Friday, 22 May 2009

Alien Jazz Party at Mau Mau Portobello

We have updated the AJP Website with all the Flyers from Alien Jazz Party Presents at Mau Mau
Portobello Nov 06-Nov 07
Acts that Played
Ramsay Midwood
Tony Gilkyson
Mike Nicolai
Kip Boardman
The Spoolies
Thee Intolerable Kidd
Steve White
Lucy Joplin
The Sticks
Filthy Pedro
David Cronenberg's Wife
Miss Sills
JJ Crash & The Lips
Naomi Hates Humans
Paul Hawkins
Alien Jazz Party
Spinmaster Plantpot
Year of the Robot
The Big Fibbers
The Odd Fiddler
Extradition Order
The November Five
Jimi Lightshade

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Outlaw Heaven The Popes

Tracks Outlaw Heaven

1. Black Is The Colour
2. Angels
3. Raw
4. Back In Your Heart
5. Outlaw Heaven
6. Boys Don't Cry
7. Let The Bells Ring Out
8. Shine
9. Crucified
10. Bastards
11. Underneath The Blue Sky
12. Slip Away
13. Loneliness Of A Long Distant Drinker

Release Info

The brand new album by The Popes featuring Shane MacGowan.

Album Launch 14 May Borderline Soho London

The Borderline is located in Orange Yard, off Manette Street, which is itself just off Charing Cross Road south of Tottenham Court Road London Underground station (St Giles' Circus).