Sunday, 27 June 2010

Thanks to Harvey Lewis a big Music & Football fan, he and his business partner their were responsible
for the funding of the Band the Animals and the number 1 hit The House of the Rising Sun,
Also backed the Chuck Berry Tour with his friend Don Arden who i used to go around his House in Wimbledon Village when i was a Child, Dad was also a close friend of Gorge Best & Bobby Moore,
The 2 Bobby's (Moore & Robson)  with my Dad i hope will cast their Mojo upon the 3 Lions, Also Dad knew Jimi Hendrix, My parents say Jimi liked me as a baby i was only 2, Dad was also friends with the top London gangsters who at the time had connections with the music industry, they had indoor swimming pools and big Greek Mythology Sculptures around the pool, On the day of the World Cup Knock out match against The Germanys. The message is come on ENGLAND!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tom Waits IV Covers to be performed on Saturday Night

What's he Building
Jockey Full of Bourbon
Step Right up
Walking Spanish
Lucky Day
It Rains on me
Clap Hands
Chocolate Jesus
I'll be gone
Shore Leave
Hang on St Christopher
Tang till They're Sore
Ice Cream Man

June 19 2010

100 Club
100 Oxford St

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tom Waits IV has been moved to the 100 Club

Tom Waits IV  a Tribute night 19 June 10 a FREE event,
Acts Will Cover Tom Waits Songs + Perform their own  ORIGINAL material,

Doors will open 7.30 + we are expecting a good turnout fans of the Acts, Tom Waits, 100 Club & Alien Jazz Party nights,+ Sat Night.

Acts Headliner
David Cronenberg''s Wife


The Joker & The Thief


Mark Woods  From Junkyard Choir

The Sneezy T's

Adam Donen


Albi & Whiskey Mick

DJ  Set from Amanda Rogers  ( Stranger Than Paradise) who we also be introducing some of the Acts,

DJ  Caleb Fawcett from The Kings Cross Hot Club regulars at the 100 Club Django/ Gypsy band,
Caleb has Tom Waits albums on vinyl